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A wreath of Cornish garden foliage & flowers |

Cornish garden foliage and seasonal flowers that are locally grown, An ideal tribute for someone who loved their garden in winter or someone who simply admired the beautiful Gardens and flowers that are traditional at this time of year in Cornwall.

Content |
Foliage: In this style wreath I use the best foliages available that are not weather damaged at this time of year such as rubus, camellia, rosemary, bay leaves, ivy and holly. With the addition of othe garden treasures such as berries, cornus fruit, moss and lichen twigs. (Some people like to have just the foliages, moss and lichen twigs, fruit and berries without any flowers. Please ring to request this option.)
Flowers: Anemones, blue iris and narcissus are used in this tribute but please ask if you wish to have an alternative.

Cornish Climate |
The climate is normally milder in Cornwall than other parts of the country enabling us to grow early spring flowers and some beautiful trees and shrubs that are prone to frost damage in colder areas. Cornish growers produce Anemones from October, early narcissus from November and daffodils are available from December.  I have seen wild flowers such as pink campions growing in our garden hedge at Christmas.

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