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Country Wedding Posies


A natural hand-tied posy of wild and cottage flowers |

The illustrations show examples of a bride and bridesmaid’s hand-tied posies.
The idea of this pretty natural style is to look as if the flowers have just been picked on a walk down a country lane or from a cottage garden. This is a perfect choice for a summer wedding in the country. The illustrations are of bridal posies that Angie did for a customers wedding at the end of May 2013. In May the wild flower season is just beginning and from then throughout the summer Cornwall’s hedgerows and gardens are adorned with fantastic colourful wild flower displays.
The lifespan of wild flowers are often shorter than cultivated flowers and availability varies from year to year due to our unpredictable weather conditions. Bearing this in mind I have found that it is easier to work on a wedding colour scheme and use what wild flowers are available at the time rather than relying on a favourite flower being out in time.  
A tip from Angie|
Customers need to be aware that once cut the life of wild flowers are shorter than cultivated flowers. A wild flower bouquet will last for your wedding day and possibly a few days longer depending on the temperature. I suggest that they stand in water until you leave for the wedding ceremony and that containers of water such as jam jars are made available at the reception to put your flower in to keep them at their best.
Conservation note|
We are aware that wild flowers in the countryside are protected and should not be picked. At riverside Flowers we only use wild flowers that we have grown ourselves in the garden at Springfield or from friends and neighbours gardens. The increased demand for wild flowers has encouraged us to plant a new wild flower bed this year. So fingers crossed that it will flourish.

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