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Cornish Celtic Cross


A Cornish Celtic cross |
Celtic crosses are traditional in Cornwall and are usually carved from the local granit stone. In keeping with the Cornish theme this cross is made of wild flowers and foliage, moss and twigs, all grown in our garden here at Springfield or from neighbours and friends gardens.
Everyting used is seasonal and nothing used is imported. The cross in the image was made in early summer when the wildflowers are at there best. A similar cross can be made at other times of the year using flowers and foliage to emulate that season. For example in a winter cross I would use moss, wood and bark with nuts and cones and perhaps gardenflowers such as helebours.  Please phone and the content can be discussed according to taste.
The Cornish cross comes in one size only (89cm high x 54 cm wide) and would be suitable as the main family tribute.
Click on images to see a close up view of wild flowers, the second image will give a full view of the cross.

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