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Choosing floristry as her career path, Angie studied courses at Bath and Usk in the 1980s where she learned about the history of flowers and in particular, the language of flowers and how Victorian and early wedding bouquets were made.  In her own work this is translated into often subtle, yet significant additions to many arrangements that usually go unnoticed, such as remembrance tributes containing a sprig of rosemary or a small pocket of white heather tucked into a bridal bouquet for good luck.


After a short spell of work experience at a friend's flower shop, Angie began working from home providing a dried flower service for a local interior design firm, and she soon began branching out into wedding flowers and funeral tributes.  As her business grew she decided to open a shop of her own and chose her husband's local town of Falmouth, Cornwall to set up shop.  The family moved and Riverside Flowers was born.


Riverside Flowers was opened in Falmouth in 1995 in a small high street store to get the business established in the area.  After 3 years it was relocated to the pretty village of Mawnan Smith, close to the beautiful Helford River.  


Riverside Flowers now operates from a large workshop at the top of the family garden, overlooking the countryside.  It is a perfect, tranquil place to work from and is frequently visited by villagers, family and friends to place their flower orders.

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