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There is something very special about receiving flowers on your birthday.  Riverside Flowers offers a range of gifts for that special day.


It is always helpful to do a little research before ordering to make your gift perfect.


Angie’s helpful hints |

A lot of people have favourite flowers.  Why not ask if they are available to be included in your gift?  We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.


Choose flower colours that complement the recipient’s home.


Scented flowers make a wonderful gift.  Freesias or lilies have a beautiful perfume.  (Not so good if the recipient has allergies)


Remember men like receiving flowers too.


Gift ideas |

A hand-tied bouquet -  A perfect choice for those who love receiving flowers that don’t need arranging.  The flowers and foliage only need placing into a favourite vase.


A cut flower bouquet -  Cut flowers of your own choice in cellophane gift-wrap.  This is an ideal gift to give to someone who loves to arrange their own flowers.


Arrangements -  There are many styles of flower arrangements to choose from ranging from a simple posy bowl to a basket.  An arrangement is perfect for a birthday gift, as it just needs watering to keep it fresh for as long as possible.  It can be a traditional style or a simpler contemporary design to suit the mere modern home.


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